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About MaDear's Jellies


Oh my goodness, you have to go to the Dallas Farmers Market and buy her jellies! The Apple and Peach Cobbler are to die for. I have never in all my years tasted a Jelly like MaDear's Jellies.  Sorry Smuckers there is a new sheriff in town and its name is MaDear's Jellies.  Taste so good make you wanna smack your momma...lol.

Wendy Sharecrow

My husband and I stumbled across this little gem while at the Farmer's Market this past weekend. If you have not discovered MaDear's Jellies you are missing out.

Pam Jackson

These Jellies are the BOMB.COM!!

Sherrie Ouattara

We ordered the Jalapeno Jelly and it was the best jelly I've ever had!!!!

Blaque Fox

Strawberry Jelly is amazing!! So so sooo good!!!

Aliya Prasla

Exquisite Jellies!!! The Whiskey Sour Jelly is awesome.

Karla Olvera

We tried some of your jelly at the Farmers Market and I have been thinking about it every since.

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